Contract for the Kupari kindergarten

09. January 2024

The contract for the complete project documentation for the construction of a new kindergarten in Kupari has been signed by the municipal mayor of Župa Dubrovačka Silvio Nardelli and Marko Dabrović on behalf of 3LHD. Following an open public procurement process, the proposal from Studio 3LHD was selected.
The funds for the implementation of this contract, as well as a portion of the construction, have been secured through the Ministry of Science and Education, which approved 17,280,000.00 million Croatian kuna, or 2.3 million euros, for the construction and equipping of the new kindergarten in Kupari.
Simultaneously with the preparation of project documentation, one of the prerequisites for the implementation of the new kindergarten construction project is underway—the process of creating and adopting the Urban Development Plan for Blato. This primarily involves mapping the final version of the expansion and reconstruction of the Taranta stream.