European Conference on Architectural Policies REUSE ARCHITECTURE


23. April 2021

The central theme of the European Conference on Architectural Policies, REUSE, held on April 22 and 23 in the former Urania cinema (an award-winning example of REUSE architecture), was sustainable urban development and urban renewal focused on various aspects of use and reuse of urban fabric.
As part of the conference, the project for the urban revitalization of the former Gredelj factory area, situated between the main Zagreb railway and bus stations in the heart of the city, was presented. Discussions revolved around issues of renovation and revitalization, activation of degraded, abandoned, and overlooked areas, reuse of neglected zones or individual buildings, and their circular management.
The conference was organized by the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Construction, and State Property, the Institute for Spatial Development, in collaboration with the Croatian Chamber of Architects. It was intended for architects and spatial planners, policy makers at all levels, other interested professionals, and the general public.