Continuity of Modernity, Maribor

Art Galery Maribor

01. January 2010

The exhibition "Continuity of Modernity" covers three time periods that are most productive phases of Croatian architecture created under specific conditions: thirty years between the two wars in the new state, the fifties and sixties in a socialist system, and nowadays with the new orientation after the war in the nineties, presenting the most important achievements of Croatian architecture. Modern architecture is represented by twenty projects, including 3LHDs Memorial Bridge in Rijeka, Kindergarten "Vedri dani" by Miroslava Geng, Museum of Contemporary Art by Igor Franic, POS Krapinske toplice by Iva Letiović and Morana Vlahovic and Sea Organ by Nikola Basic.
The authors of the exhibition are Adolph Stiller, Vera Grimmer, Tadej Glažar, Maroje Mrduljaš i Andrija Rusan. The exhibition will be open from June 6th to July 3rd 2010.