CAA Realizations 2009 - Bernardo Bernardi Award

Croatian Architects' Association (CAA)

15. December 2009

In the competition for the most successful realization in design and interior design for the year 2009 the nominees were 3LHD with two projects, Zamet Centre interior and Zagreb Dance Center - the reconstruction of Kino Lika and Zora Salopek Baletić with Palace Lesić-Dimitri. 3LHD won the ward with the Zamet Centre interior.
CAA's explanation: "When visiting one extremely carefully designed complex expressed in, one dares to say, topographic language rare in our contemporary architecture, a part of it is read as exceptional. The interior design expressed without unnecessary details, determined by its primary function, where visitors and users as well feel good deserves the ?Bernardo Bernardi? award for best realization in design and interior design."