ARTUR conference special mention

Zagreb architects society

10. June 2015

The Artur awards were awarded on June 9th in Oris - house of architecture. They are awarded to projects which contribute to sustainable and integral architecture in tourism while including local community and an interdisciplinary approach to work were. The purpose of the awards is to identify best practices, sustainable and well-planned and integrated architectural implementations, with special attention focused on projects that use the participatory process in the preparation and implementation, and involve the local community, citizens, tourist boards and other organizations. 3LHDs' project of the Karlovac freshwater aquarium and museum of rivers was awarded with the Artur special mention. The jury concluded that: "The aquarium complex is very well fitted into the surrounding landscape, while also emphasizing the symbolism of the city on four rivers. The theme of the aquarium and the riverside environment is thoughtfully designed, including sensory and interactive elements such as sounds, light, etc., which makes it extra interesting and in the spirit of modern understanding of tourist attractions. The project includes all necessary accompanying facilities such as classrooms, halls, restaurants, souvenir shops, parking, etc., and is connected and integrated with the city environment."