50th Zagreb Salon of Architecture award

Croatian Architects' Association (CAA)

01. October 2015

3LHDs' project Novalja Urban Development Study has been awarded in the "Site plan" category of the 50th Zagreb salon of architecture. Category "Site plan" presents both built and a selection of unbuilt projects by Croatian architects and urban planners, at home and abroad, as well as projects by foreign architects realized in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The selector of this year's anniversary edition professor Hrvoje Njirić has chosen the theme "Dosljednost / Consistency" for the conceptual framework of the Salon. 3LHD's project was awarded one of the six equal prizes with this explanation: "The project is characterized by a consistent application of methodology - in the analysis of already recognized potentials from the city of Novalja spatial plans; six themes are formed which simulate scenarios of sustainable development and test different innovative models and typologies of tourist and agricultural profile, closely and logically related to the inherited values of the island." This year's Salon features projects in four categories: Site plan, Proposal, Students, Guests. The exhibition of the selected projects will stay open until October 18th, in the Croatian Association of Artists Home.