3LHD is an architectural practice focused on integrating various disciplines – architecture, urban planning, landscape, design and art. 

Our office is located in the former Urania cinema.

Despite its age, the building had good predispositions to be adapted, converted and reused as a new office and public space.

The new Urania houses public spaces for various cultural events and a couple of office spaces. A multipurpose hall equipped with multimedia and stands is connected to a café bar with a patio and a roof terrace. It is a point of social gathering and public activities, as well as a space for numerous events such as educational workshops, presentations, exhibitions, concerts, screenings and the like.

Urania - space of creation, is envisioned as a home for one’s creative expression, especially for the one who questions oneself, society, and the world.

As a space of creation, it considers all of the fields of art and the people who practice it whether they to accomplished or they still have to be so, the ones who are socially aware and the one’s developing audience awareness through education and the exchange of experience.
By interacting and connecting and encouraging education, communication, and innovation as fundamental principles in the process of creative creation, as well as encouraging interdisciplinary work and cooperation with related activities, the development of culture and artistic creation is achieved, connecting the community and activating social change.

Residential block Park Kneževa has been nominated for the "Drago Galić" Award for the most successful achievement in the field of residential architecture for the year 2022.

The basic idea of this block is the pedestrian connection of Branimirova and Bornina streets, clear visibility and access to the city and the block, the creation of a new large green area - an urban park in the block interior. 

The first phase of the Rimac Campus is planned to be completed by the end of December 2023.

Integrally conceived as a park with a production facility and an office building maximally integrated into the landscape, the Rimac Campus has been one of the most frequently mentioned architectural projects in Croatian and world media since its presentation. 

3LHD products were created as a response to the needs of specific architecture projects. 

With their aesthetics and function, they emerge from the spaces they were initially created for, but eventually they separate from the project context and become independent products. These products confirm 3LHD's interdisciplinary approach by combining the knowledge of architects, designers and other creators from relevant fields.

Dubrovnik Sleeper Sessions

Marko Dabrović was one of the participants at the Sleeper Sessions held in Dubrovnik this May. In the lecture entitled "Everything is possible", he talked about 3LHD experience in the hospitality sector with a deeper insight into Croatian culture and design.

Latest News


Contract for the Kupari kindergarten

The contract for the complete project documentation for the construction of a new kindergarten in Kupari has been signed by the municipal mayor of Župa Dubrovačka Silvio Nardelli and Marko Dabrović on behalf of 3LHD. Following an open public procurement process, the proposal from Studio 3LHD was selected.

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Kastav Primary School

The conceptual design and proposal by 3LHD were selected in the public procurement competition for a new elementary school in Kastav. The school is designed as a branch school for 448 students, allowing for single-shift teaching.

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Construction documents of the OIV business campus

The works on the construction documents of the future headquarters project for OIV have been completed. Situated along a fast road in the southeast of Zagreb, the campus consists of an office building with a restaurant and data center, an open garage, and a multimedia center.

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Lecture at IPMA Project Days

Marko Dabrović will be one of the speakers at the Project Days conference organized by the Croatian branch of IPMA held on Monday 18th 2023.

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Construction begins on Bus Terminal Žabica

Today marks the start of construction on the long-awaited Žabica Bus Terminal in Rijeka. Following the removal of the covers from the existing two warehouses, demolition will begin in parallel with the piloting and construction.

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CYAN festival of visual culture

The first CYAN Festival of Visual Culture will take place in Split, on November 24th and 25th. One of the participants/speakers is Saša Begović. His lecture, titled "The Art of the Possible," is scheduled for Saturday, November 25th at 6 pm.

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